13&9 The Soul Of Design

13&9 design concepts are concerned with the needs of the individual person as a whole in his/her interaction with the immediate environment, while also seeking to promote consumption awareness. 13&9 stands for concepts that create value-added design and products in a functional, aesthetical and emotional sense, as well as for bridging the strict divide between the inanimate and animate (new animism). In their designs, 13&9 operate with functionality criteria such as modularity, combinability, flexibility and transformation in order to bring forth new products with a whole variety of possible uses that will both foster the user’s individual creativity and seek to associate with him/her. In doing so, contrasting pairs such as man and woman, emotional and rational, visionary and constant, immaterial and material, etc. are placed in context and perceived as a whole. In its aesthetic, dynamic and interactive perfection, nature serves both as an ideal and a source of inspiration for the definition of function and form, as well as an emotional component within the label’s work.


This interdisciplinary and co-operative idea runs through all design concepts and development processes of products and projects and includes various different external partnerships. This unique interplay between different professions such as architecture and fashion, but also sound and media design, not only delivers qualitative and innovative design solutions, but by including personal characteristics, also seeks to lend an emotional dimension to the final product: “Things with soul”