In addition to being known for wine, fruit, and breathtaking landscapes, the South American country of Chile has garnered international recognition in recent years for a well-developed and highly talented creative industry. By utilizing the natural beauty, unique culture, and societal needs that surround them, young Chilean designers are creating innovative works that reflect Chilean values and identity.

This year, Chilean designers will be showcasing their products at Wanted Design NY. The participating companies are Maia Design, Kalofisha, Moshi Moshi, Qstudio, 1 a 10 Design, Tuca Design, Medular, Krause Chavarri, and Trufquen. They will be exhibiting a wide variety of industrial design products made with Chilean materials from different regions throughout the country. This includes lamps, furniture, coatings, games, and containers.

Chilean participation in this event is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Directorate of Cultural Affairs, and ProChile. With offices in more than 54 cities around the world, ProChile promotes Chilean goods and services by executing commercial missions and organizing Chilean participation in trade shows such as Wanted Design. They are committed to the growth of Chilean art and design, and can be reached at

Meet the designers.

1 a 10 Design


Krause Chavarri

Maia Design


Moshi Moshi



Tuca Design