WantedDesign Textile Month program

The Design Market x WantedDesign is an innovative retail installation occupying the ground level of the Seaport Studios at 19 Fulton Street (map), offering a carefully curated selection of design objects, including furniture, lighting, home accessories, jewelry, and unique gifts.
During New York Textile Month, WantedDesign welcomes at Seaport Studios, on the second floor of the Design Market, a series of textile presentations and workshops.
WantedDesign Textile Month program at Design Market, Seaport Studios
19 Fulton Street, New York, Mon-Sun, 11am-7pm – Full program here


Kikkerland Pop Up Shop until October 9

Kikkerland is well known for story telling through their nicely designed and produced collection. They collaborate with talented New York-based and internationally known designers to produce home accessories, original gifts, stationery, office products, items for kids and more.


The mission of WantedDesign’s retail activity is not just to sell and display products, but to create inspiring events and to introduce the dynamic work of new and diverse designers to the public. With the end of the summer, Kikkerland’s selection of fun, smart and useful “back to school” products is a perfect fit for the Design Market at the Seaport District.
Visit Kikkerland pop up shop, Mon-Sun from 11am to 7pm at 19 Fulton Street, New York, NY. More…

Lighting Science launches products optimizing workplace wellness

There is a new trend emerging: healthy lighting. It’s as if the world has just woken up to the fact that light is keeping us awake at night. More accurately, blue light is keeping us awake by flooding into our lives from TVs, mobile devices, even common household and office lighting. Until now, it was something we couldn’t control. Nor were we aware of the damaging effects to our hormonal and immune systems. Light pollution is making us sick, knocking us all off of our natural circadian rhythm, and preventing us from healing ourselves.

But luckily science and technology have converged, and the geniuses at Lighting Science have invented patented spectrum-controlled LEDs that can mimic the sun when we want and need it most, and block the harmful blue spectrum of light that can negatively impact sleep. Their newest prototype, The Genesis DynaSpectrum is the first commercially-available luminaire designed to do both. Unlike traditional incandescent and LED lighting, The Genesis emits the appropriate spectrum of light necessary to regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythm 24/7.

LightingScience_blogpost2This ground-breaking technology has applications both at home and at work. For the first time designers are able to create work environments that enable people to be more productive, classrooms that actually help students learn better, hospitals that allow patients to heal faster, and homes that allow for better rest. It is now possible to create holistic home and office environment that mimic natural day and night cycles. MoreMore…

Shop for design with WantedDesign

After the May’s NYCxDESIGN celebration, ‪#‎WantedDesign‬ continues to offer its design selections through its two retail locations, the Industry City Store by WantedDesign at Industry City and the Design Market x WantedDesign in the Seaport District. Visit the stores to discover, be inspired and buy well-designed and beautifully produced home accessories, lighting, and gifts from local studios to the best international design brands.
Visit wanteddesignnyc.com/stores/ for more information.


From large hotels to multi-family spaces and single-family homes, Hansgrohe and its designer brand Axor are looking for outstanding projects of all types and scales. US based architects and interior designers are invited to submit a built residential or hospitality/commercial interior project that features products from either/both brands. The winner in each category will receive $2000 and be eligible to attend a VIP trip to the Black Forest, Germany. Submissions must be received by August 12. Entry is free at dasdesigncomp.com

At this occasion, WantedDesign addressed few questions to Philippe Grohe, VP Design Management, Hansgrohe SE, to learn more about the company origin and vision, and his collaboration with designers from all over the world to create products that answer technical, environmental and cultural challenges.
Long time supporter of WantedDesign, Axor + Hansgrohe was one of the 2016 Conversation Series sponsors. 

Philippe Grohe - portrait by Alexander Schneider

Philippe Grohe – portrait by Alexander Schneider

WantedDesign: What is the origin and history behind the Hansgrohe Group?
Philippe Grohe: Hans Grohe (1871-1955) was an innovator. In 1899 he walked from Luckenwalde near Berlin to the small Black Forest town of Schiltach. Two years later he established a metal pressing workshop. Hans Grohe had a passion for technology and water, and so from 1901 onwards he bravely hedged his bets on the sanitary sector, which was still in its early stages of development. Of course, bathrooms in private houses were only just becoming fashionable at that time.